Sunday, January 11, 2015

One month later...

Wow, one full month since my last blog post, it certainly doesn't seem that long.  Well let's jusy jump right into it!  Obviously, I've been keeping on playing guitar, and I'm becoming noticeably better and better.  Every day I'm feeling more and more comfortable with a guitar in my hands, and I can easily see myself keeping on playing in the future.  I'm beginning to venture into harder and harder songs, but I can honestly say that I've got my head up in the clouds with the entire world of music in front of me.  As much as I'm working on tabs,  shredding on the songs that I listen to every day, but I've been neglecting the basics, only focusing on memorizing, instead of understanding.  I think following this post, im going to take a break from songs and tabs,  jump back to the basics, and hit the books.  Another problem that is starting to become more and more annoying is the fact that I don't have a working amplifier.  I've had the same Fender beginner guitar and dinky amp since 6th grade, and I think it may be finally time for an upgrade.  I have thought about purchasing an acoustic guitar, but with the type of music that I love to play, I've come to the decision that an electric is just the way to go.  I'll continue to persist about taking my amp and my guitar in to the store for either a repair, or to upgrade to a bigger, better version, and I'm sure that I'll put that in a future blog post, because I'm sure I'll be psyched.  I've also started to play some guitar with some of my more musically inclined friends, which I find to be very helpful towards bettering myself, as well as having fun in the moment.  I've actually become so close with my guitar that I've begun carrying my guitar pick around with me everywhere I go, which a lot of my friends understandably bag on me for.  It's all in good fun, but I can't wait for the weeks to come where I can start to relax and just stick to learning and remembering the basics, and start to build off of that

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