Sunday, January 25, 2015

Finals week!!

Finals week has come and gone, and boy, was it crazy.  Now, I could flat out lie to you, and say that I studied long and hard like the fantastic student that I am, but I think I'm going to try being truthful this week (sorry Mr. P).  Instead of picking up the textbook and immersing myself in page fills of knowledge, I decided to spend my extended time cuddled up next to my guitar.  Almost every day I would get home, realize I had the entire day ahead of me, throw on pajamas, jump on the couch, and practice for hours at a time.  I've been obsessing over one specific song all week, and I've been perfecting it day in and day out, this being "unholy confessions" by avenged sevenfold (rock on!).  As much as I love playing hard rock and metal, I thought I would slow it down a little bit this week and work on a classic song that everyone would know.  I would always play rock band with my sister, and the one song that I could always count on playing in that game was "Carry on my Wayward son" by Kansas.  Naturally, I thought of the song, and said to myself, "man I would love to be able I play that", so I looked up a tab, and got working on it.  The idea also struck me this week to map out the notes on my guitar, all 21 frets up all 6 strings, and color code it so that I can know where notes overlap on different strings.  With that knowledge, I would be able to start reading treble cleft a lot easier, and maybe even start creating music of my own.  So this coming up week, I plan on continuing to work on "Carry on my Wayward Son" and map my instrument.

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  1. I will never be upset at a student pursuing their passion! Keep up the great work.