Friday, November 14, 2014

Figured out my project 👍

Last week, I was very distraut as to what I wanted to do for my 20 time project.  I decided on photography of Detroit, just because I didn't have anything else that came to my mind.  This week, I spent a lot of time listening to music in order to find inspiration for as to what I wanted to do, and It was under my nose the entire time. I love music, I have a guitar that I never use, and I've always wanted to be in a band.  This year, I plan to pick guitar back up and start playing again.  I've got some guitar essentials books in my basement that I can learn from, as well as some sheet music from when I used to go to lessons.  With some cello experience already under my belt, and some determination on my part, this could be a really fun project and I cannot wait to get started!! 

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